The opening film of the fifth Life Sciences Film Festival shows animals’ strange, but wonderful mating rituals and clearly bizarre sexual behaviour. The ensuing discussion with excellent experts on the topic will focus on how much we differ from animals in this respect.


Birds, bees as well as giraffes do it. So do most of us. But we think we do it differently than other animals. Is that so? Authors of the Canadian film in competition Decoding Desire are not so convinced of that. For example the ancient idea that males’ unquenchable desire leads to their sexual dominance, while females are more interested in safety and monogamy, is not as generally valid as it would seem.


Decoding Desire will answer everything you’ve wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask. And if that’s not enough and you’re not afraid to ask you shouldn’t miss the subsequent discussion. To speak on reproduction biology, mating rituals and sexual behaviour we’ve invited:


RNDr. Kateřina Hortová, Ph.D. – Head of the Laboratory of Reproductive Biology, Institute of Biotechnology AS CR)

prof. Ing. Jaroslav Petr, DrSc. – department of Biology of Reproduction, Institute of Animal Science and lecturer at CULS

Mgr. Alexandra Hrouzková – psychologist and somatic coach


The ceremonial opening of the fifth Life Sciences Film Festival takes place on Monday 12th October at 4 pm in the CULS Round Hall.


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