The first foreign guest of the 6th LSFF is Timothy Barksdale from the United States, director of Battle on the Booming Grounds. Tim’s company Birdman Productions created the most extensive library of North American and other birds.

Timothy Barksdale: režisér filmu "Boj na tokaništi"

Timothy Barksdale: the director of LSFF 2016 film in competition “Battle on the Booming Grounds”

The story of the film about the Greater Prairie Chicken starts in 1841 in Missouri, in American prairie. During our great grandfathers’ times flocks of “boomers” ran around local fertile lands. Today the booming grounds are almost empty.

When the boomers’ mating display and fighting starts, the past seems to return. The three-tone sound coming from their throats sounds like a quarrel between ghosts. When you hear the bubbling sound in the awakening prairie in the morning and see their bodies in the mist, it is spooky and beautiful at the same time.

Timothy Barksdale and his Birdman Productions has created some 700 recordings that form the core of Macaulay Library at the Laboratory of Ornithology at Cornell University. 40 thousand recording clips are online. Battle on the Booming Grounds clarifies the reasons why the change in ecosystem related to intensive agriculture led to the decrease in numbers of the Greater Prairie Chicken, and it shows why it is such a pity. Because the Greater Prairie Chicken is beautiful…


The film screening takes place at 12 on Tuesday in the Auditorium.

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