The Rector of the Czech University of Life Sciences prof. ing. Jiří Balík, CSc., dr.h.c. will open the fifth Life Sciences Film Festival in the CULS Round Hall. Jan Svatoš, winner of LSFF 2014 Student Jury Award for his film WildWORKS, will be a guest at the opening, which takes place 12th October 2015 at 4 p.m. in the CULS Round Hall.



Films from the competition and informative sections are screened from Monday 12th October to Friday 16th October in the faculty halls at the Czech University of Life Sciences. All the films in the programme can be viewed as individual screening in the Students’ Information Centre (SIC), room no. 140. The LSFF 2015 Accreditation and Information Centre is located in the Round Hall. All the film screenings are free and can be accessed without accreditation. The LSFF Awarding Ceremony takes place on Wednesday 14th October at 5.55 p.m. in Club C. The programme of the festival can be accessed here.


The festival will again present premieres of very striking films. Michael Schwarz’ film In Defense of Food based on Michael Pollan’s bestseller of the same title will be shown in European premiere (Tuesday 13th October at 6 p.m., another screening is in the National Technical Library, exact time to be specified). Polyfaces by Australian director Lisa Heenan will be shown in world premiere. It is a coincidence that in both the films we meet Michael Pollan, one of the most significant science journalists in the USA, as well as the figure and ideas of Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farm, who is considered a guru of alternative farming.


Director Jan Svatoš will present the premiere of Lessons in Wildness on Exmoor ponies who have found home in the former military area of Milovice. One other film of his, Causa Carnivora on the indispensable role of predators such as wolves, bears and lynx, is also in the competition.


There are also various events taking place during the festival. Wim Grunewald will lecture on the research of genetically engineered crops in the Flanders Institute of Biotechnology (VIB) (13th October at 4.30 pm). Dr. Paul Eric Aspholm from Bioforsk, the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research will give a lecture on the topic of pollution sources in European polar regions and new methods of tracing their origin (15th October at 4.30). Jan Svatoš will talk about travellers Osa and Martin Johnsons and present photographs from Kenya (13th October at 1.30 pm)


Other directors and producers that will be guests at the festival:


  • Oliver Dickinson – Where The Hills Are Greener
  • Philipp Enders – Mammon: Per Anhalter durchs Geldsystem
  • Wouter Massink – Rwanda: Source Of Prosperity
  • Panos Raptis – The Secret Life Of Materials
  • Rob van Hattum – The Greedy Brain
  • Jürgen Kleinig + Tina Leeb – 10 billion: What´s On Your Plate?
  • Rita Schlamberger – Making Ancient Forest

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