List of films in competition

Before we fill the film catalogue with detailed information you can have a look at the list of films in the competition. From among them the jury will select the winner of the LSFF Grand Prix as well as the winners of awards of individual CULS faculties.



English Title Country
Rwanda: Source of prosperity Belgium, Rwanda
Verrückt: The Snail Farmer of Vienna USA
Decoding Desire Canada
Speechless: The Polar Realm New Zealand
Space Weather France
Czech Beer War Czech Republic
The Bat Man of Mexico UK
Muddy Pond Sorghum USA
The Everglades – A Watery Wilderness Germany, USA, Hungary
Invisible Ocean: Plankton & Plastic USA
Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night USA, Japan
Apitherapy Belgium
Immunology of the Gut Mucosa USA
White Carpathians Slovakia
Growing Food Project Australia
Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective USA
Monitoring a Glacier Germany
Money: A Confused User’s Guide Germany, France, Sweden
Behind the Redwood Curtain Belgium
The Wolf Mountains Slovakia
Causa Carnivora Czech Republic
Gambling on Extinction Germany, Canada
On Ground Squirrels and Men Czech Republic
Banking Nature France
The Trouble with Bread USA
From Billions to None: The Passenger Pigeon’s Flight to Extinction USA
10 Billion: What’s on Your Plate? Germany
The Secret Life of Materials UK, Greece
In Defense of Food USA
Story of the Mangalitsa Hungary
Global menu Hungary
The Celiac Project USA
Smallholder Farmers Responses to Climate Change France, Italy, Belgium, Czech Rep
A Beekeeper – Farmer Czech Republic
Gay or Straight, Is It a Choice? France
The Greedy Brain Netherlands
Dictionary of a Food Hero USA
Where the Hills Are Greener France
The Banana Price War: Dirt Cheap Food for Thought Germany
Biofuels versus Nature Czech Republic
Making an Ancient Forest – Kalkalpen National Park Austria
Hadwin’s Judgement Canada, UK
Secrets of the Hive Germany
Family Chemistry Israel
Bearded Vulture Release in Grands Causses Czech Republic
Long Live Hunting! Czech Republic
Polyfaces Australia
Gentle Machines Czech Republic
Lessons in Wildness Czech Republic
Elemental USA


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