Sunday, 18.10.

Saturday, 17.10.

Friday, 16.10., National Library of Technology

Award Ceremony LSFF 2015

10 billion: What´s on Your Plate: discussion with Jürgen Kleinig

Lessons on Wilderness: discussion FAPPZ

Banana Price War: Discussion in CULS Round Hall

The Secret Life of Materials: discussion with Panos Raptis

In Defense of Food: European premiere

Making Ancient Forest: discussion with Rita Schlamberger

The Greedy Brain: discussion with Rob van Hattum

 Where the Hills Are Greener: discussion with Oliver Dickinson

Wim Grunewald: lecture on VIB

Polyfaces: discussion with Lisa Heenan a Darren J. Doherty

Synthetic Forests


Opening – CULS Round Hall

LSFF 2014

Slow Food, Zdrojovna, Kokoza…

Award Ceremony LSFF 2014


Barbecue outside of FAPPZ

Exhibition in CULS Round Hall