From Friday 16th to Sunday 18th October the LSFF continues at the National Library of Technology and in the surrounding area of the Dejvice Campus. Have a look at the complete programme of film screenings and discussions in the Balling Hall at the National Library of Technology and in the Harvest Films Cinema Tent. Apart from other things you can look forward to science programme hosted by Marek Janáč, films  In Defense of Food  and Polyfaces including a meeting with the directors and a selection of the best films from previous festival years.


Partners of the event are Municipal District of Prague 6 and the Dejvice Campus. The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences CR is responsible for the expertise.

National Library of Technology

Balling Hall

FRIDAY 16.10.2015

 11:30 film: „Money: A Confused User’s Guide“ (Německo, 58 min)

discussion with the film director: Philipp Enders


13:30 film: „The Celiac Project“ (USA, 56 min)


14:30 film: „The Trouble with Bread” (USA, 27 min)


15:00 -18:00  „Food, there’s Science To It!”

The programme is hosted by Marek Janáč (Vesmír magazine)

15:00 To eat or not to eat? The answer is different for every age, lifestyle and genotype. Or, will geneticists cook for us one day? (Prof. RNDr. František Vyskočil, DrSc.)


16:00 Insulin, diabetes and nourishment. The role of insulin in the type 1 and type 2 diabetes and how everything can be influenced by the right regimen. (RNDr. Lenka Žáková, Ph.D. – Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)


16:30 film: “Immunology of the Gut Mucosa” (7 min)


16:40 Allergies, allergens – current approach to the issue (RNDr. Jarmila Zídková, CSc. – University of Chemistry and Technology/Institute of Physiology CAS)


17:00 Health threats of the modern times and how to confront them (Prof. MUDr. Libor Vítek, Ph.D., MBA)


17:30 Final discussion panel “In Defence of Food” (RNDr. Jarmila Zídková, CSc., Prof. MUDr. Libor Vítek, Ph.D., MBA, Prof. Ing. Jaroslav Petr, DrSc. and other guests)

SATURDAY 17.10.2015

9:30 film: „Banking Nature“ (France, 88 min)


11:00 film: „Polyfaces“ (Austrálie, 92 min)

discussion on the film: director Lisa Heenan and screenwriter Darren Doherty




13:30 film: „In Defense of Food“ (USA, 116 min)

discussion on the film: director Michael Schwarz

In Defense of Food_poster

17:00 film: Where the Hills Are Greener (France, 78 min)

discussion on the film: direction Oliver Dickinson


Harvest Film Cinema Tent

Dejvice Campus


Film screenings and disussions, hosted by Anna Grosmanová 

SATURDAY  17.10.



film: “Fermentation” (7 min)  

Fermentation is a profile of 2014 Craig Claiborne Lifetime Achievement Award winner Sandor Katz. Katz is a food activist, fermentation revivalist, and author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation. In 1993 he moved from New York to rural Cannon County, Tennessee, where he mentors a new generation of foodways activists and practitioners.

Guest: Tereza Chylíková Lejčarová (demonstration of kimchi production)


12:15 WINE

film: “Portrait of a Winemaker: John Williams of Frog’s Leap” (15 min)

Portrait of a Winemaker: John Williams of Frog’s Leap is a brief look at this pioneering winemaker and his unique dry farming method which increases soil fertility and capacity for water retention, while producing more flavorful wines.

guests: Ondřej Pokštefl (sommelier from restaurant La Finestra) and Stanislav Soukup (Veltlí



film: The Trouble with Bread” (27 min)

In this film, I journey from farm to mill to table on a quest for answers about gluten intolerance and a hunt for the perfect loaf, one I can eat without getting sick. Along the way, I make some unexpected discoveries about crucial changes to the wheat itself, processing and fermentation. Let’s say that bread as you know it, is not what you think.

Gues: Alexandra Brunnerová, Gluten Alchemy



film: Bread Pudding (5 min)

It can be hard to find great bread here in Minnesota, but a bakery by the name of Rustica has won our heart. So although this episode is a little less about ingredients and more about process, we really just wanted an excuse to observe their baking and enjoy their bread. So, a short video with a recipe for butternut squash and apple bread pudding.

Guest: Tomáš Solák (Pekárna Praktika)



film: “Choose the Rural Alternative!” (7 min) Since her childhood Anne has dreamed of becoming a farmer. She and her partner Remi dared to start a small-scale berry farm a ten minutes’ walk from the nearest road high up in the French mountains.


film: Denmark: Ask Rasmussen (5 min)

Ask Rasmussen (27) is slowly taking over Kiselgården from his parents. Kiselgården is one of the oldest biodynamic farms in Denmark. Ask is growing a large variety of vegetables and delivers to many Michelin starred restaurants, among them NoMa and Geranium.


film: Germany: Farming Community Heggelbach (7 min)

The majority of farms nowadays invest in specialization and ever larger areas are managed by fewer people. Farm community Heggelbach in the south of Germany has chosen another path, a path of diversity. It is able to earn a living for 6 families, employees and trainees.


film: “Netherland: Tuinderij de Stroom” (7 min)

Tuinderij De Stroom is an organic vegetable farm in a small village in the Netherlands. It is owned and managed by three young women who have proven that it is still possible to start land-based farming activities with low financial investments.

Guests: director Oliver Dickinson, (Where Hills Are Greener), director Lisa Heenan, screenwriter Daren Doherty (Polyfaces)


17:15 MEAT

film: “Awe of Life: Let’s Talk about Killing” (35 min)

A good butcher loves animals. This apparent paradox is the principle of conduct for Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth, master butcher and former meat producer who can truly say: We must kill for life, for only thanks to others’ lives are we alive. Karl shows us how thanks to an old tradition of skill an animal can be led to death carefully and with respect – and with respect to life.

Guest: Flame & Sous Vide Honza Havaš (restaurace Zájezd)

SUNDAY  18.10.2015




film: “A Beekeeper – Farmer” (15 min)

You will get an insight into beekeeping throughout the year through the eyes of a beginner beekeeper Martin. In order to find inspiration for keeping bees he visits experienced beekeepers, scientists as well as farmers. The 13-minute documentary A Beekeeper – Farmer presents Martin’s story in a nutshell.

Guest: Jan Knápek (Beekeeper)



film: “Botany of Desire” (30 min)

Nature has always been not only a source of food but also of many products that did not serve to satisfy basic needs only. Apples were one such gift. A part of the film Botany of Desire will show their victorious journey from Central Asia during which they managed to conquer the rest of the world in a very short time.

Guest: Ondřej Frunc (Prager Cider)


13:30  Jan Svatoš: The lecture on travellers Osa and Martin Johnsons

Their courage to film in Africa fascinated audience throughout the world. They were first to show there are no bloodthursty monsters or canibals in distant countries, but fragile vanishing world.



film: “Bread Pudding” (5 min)

It can be hard to find great bread here in Minnesota, but a bakery by the name of Rustica has won our heart. So although this episode is a little less about ingredients and more about process, we really just wanted an excuse to observe their baking and enjoy their bread. So, a short video with a recipe for butternut squash and apple bread pudding.

Guest: Juliana Fischerová – Maškrtnica, Alexandra Brunnerová, Gluten Alchemy


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