Approximately 70 stalls with real food will stand around the National Library of Technology on Saturday and Sunday. Plus there will be science, ecology, architecture… The LSFF continues over the weekend as well! Have a look at what you can taste at the stalls of the Street Food Festival zone and which interesting events are taking place in the LSFF zone.

From Friday 16th October to Sunday 18th October there will be film screenings, discussions and lectures. You can find a thorough programme at the Balling Hall in the National Library of Technology in this article, you can also search in the festival programme.

Programme of the Life Sciences Film Festival Zone

Saturday 17.10. + Sunday 18.10.


On nutrition playfully and healthily (VŠCHT)

We like cereals (VŠCHT)

Learn to identify low quality food (VŠCHT)

The fascinating world of biochemistry and microbiology (VŠCHT)

The Ark of Lights and Shadows An interactive exhibition of 100-year-old photos of Africa for the upcoming film by film director Jan Svatoš.

CooLAND A journey to the landscape around us. Vegtro Link: the journey of food from the field to your plate – delicacies from community supported agriculture. You can also see a centre for the treatment of diseased fields, meadows and taste buds of our as well as our pets’ tongues and a chill-out landscape library.

Forest Pedagogy (FLD, ČZU v Praze) The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences lectures on the forests in an enjoyable way! Visitors can get acquainted with the Forest Pedagogy teaching programme, try to identify products of nature and play games.

Microscopy of bacteria and microbiota in oral cavity (FAPPZ, ČZU v Praze)

BeFair at CULS (FTZ, ČZU) BeFair at CULS is an organisation devoted to fair trade, global development issues, developing world topics and journeys far away to see the unknown. You can come and taste fairtrade coffee , tea and home-made biscuits made with love. Apart from relaxing with us you can find answers to questions that we share. As a bonus, we’ve prepared an insect bar. We’ll heat up the pans and fry crickets and locusts on garlic for you, just the way we and the old Khmers like it.

Society for Gluten-Free Diet – Young Coeliacs A non-profit patient advocacy organisation established to help people who need to follow gluten-free diet for medical reasons. Established in 2001.

Švejk Restaurant u Karla The only restaurant in the Czech Republic offering a comprehensive range of traditional Czech meals also in gluten-free version.

Home-made delicacies Exclusively gluten-free production – gluten-free cakes and sandwiches.

Adveni Production of gluten-free mixtures for baking made of untraditional pseudocereals such as teff, quinoa, amaranth and sorghum which have excellent nutritious value as well as of chesnuts that are another good alternative not only for coeliacs, but for everyone who wants to do something for their health.

Gluten-free bakery Liška Ltd. Traditional purely sourdough, fresh, gluten-free bread of the highest quality.

Prager Cider Prager is a producer of original cider made of fruit of old local varieties of apples and pears. Come and taste the drink that nature itself offers us. Come and rediscover the simplicity of ancient technologies that stand at the beginning of much joy.

Genlab Have you got health issues that might be related to the consumption of some foods? Do you want to find out if these problems are related to your genetic predisposition? Come to the GENLABS stand and have a genetic test done that identifies food intolerance at a reduced price.

Ekokom The authorised packaging firm EKO-KOM will present the options of recycling individual materials. Lecturers will answer questions related not only to proper waste separation.

Martin Rajniš’s Dome of Chaos Constructing an arch from young tree trunks. The important idea of the workshop is searching for the meaning and power of chaos and entropy in constructions. The construction of the Dome is basically unplanned in detailed. The exact structure will come into being during the workshop. Indefinite and unpredetermined character is key for the whole concept. In this respect, the Dome of Chaos is an Anarchostructure. The main part of the work will be carried out by participants of the workshop – approx. 20 students of the Faculty of Architecture and similar fields. Any of the passers-by can stop and build a part of the work.

ZDROJOVNA: DIY ZONE – paper edition: Create anything out of paper that might come in handy. Learn to create stylish earrings as well as original notepads. BADGEMAKER: Design your own badge, cut a design out of an old magazine and make it yourself. Pin anything you like! Glass – Recycling – Idea – Alchemy Become a glass maker for a while and turn an old wine bottle into a beautiful vase or a design glass.

KOKOZA (workshop 14:00 – 16:00) A surprisingly traditional course of making worm composting bins out of waste material. You’ll take home a brand new composter as well as all the information you need for a successful start of home composting. And if you’re interested in the closed cycle of food and community gardens, you’re at the right place at Kokoza.

Japů Papů JAPŮ is packaged healthy food to substitute average unhealthy fast food.

Ecological agriculture in the Zlín and Hodonín Regions Tasting of organic food and products made of organic food by ecofarmers and producers of organic food from the Zlín and Hodonín Regions. Organic wine for sale. Organic meat products, organic cheeses, organic apple juice, sourdough bread from organic flour etc.

Program Street Food Festival Zone

 Saturday 17.10. + Sunday 18.10.

  • Albrecht street food circus
  • Antojos Latinos
  • Arepas
  • Azaro
  • Balvati&Balvatini
  • Banh Mi Makers
  • Bao Bao
  • Veltlin
  • Banh Mi Freta
  • CoffeeVan
  • Čongrády
  • Deli Viet
  • Dirty Dog Street Food
  • Extra EU
  • Food On The Move
  • Foodadventure
  • Franit
  • FruTeAMa
  • Funky Croquetas
  • Good Karma Catering
  • Gravoworld
  • Güero´s Tacos
  • Hummusárna
  • Kachnička narůžovo
  • Kaiser Franz / KF Gastro, s. r. o.
  • Ke Kořenům
  • Kuře v podvazkách
  • Květuščina zahrádka
  • Kávový klub s.r.o
  • Lalqila
  • Lazy cat Kitchen
  • Lotus Restaurace
  • Loukoumades
  • Mr. Bánh Mì
  • MYDVA Filter Lab
  • No Pho!
  • Palačinkárna Galetka
  • Prague Jerk Station
  • Prague Ribs Joint
  • Raclette U Sýráku
  • Salt’n’Pepa Foodtruck
  • Sebastian Soroori
  • Stephen Musana
  • Sushi Sushi
  • Sušienkovo
  • Sušírna
  • Škvarkové dobroty
  • Tamarind Tree
  • Tapioca brazilská palačinka
  • Teplá Kačka
  • The RARe SECtion
  • Thuy Linh Mai
  • U Irmy
  • VEGET. družstvo
  • Vegetka
  • WeAre / burgers
  • Zájezd

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