Director and producer Michael Schwarz  will be guest of the fifth Life Sciences Film Festival. He will open the European premiere of In Defense of Food based on Michael Pollan’s bestseller from 2008.


Michael Schwarz is one of the most significant and most successful American documentary directors and producers. He has won many prestigious international awards, including three national Emmy awards – two for Living Below the Line and one for Abortion Clinic. His Botany of Desire only received an Emmy nomination, but at the 2012 LSFF it won the Minister of Agriculture Award.


Michael Schwarz arrives at the fifth LSFF to present in person the European premiere of In Defence of Food. Just like Botany of Desire it is based on a bestseller by Michael Pollan, a significant American science journalist. The main question of the film is: how come modern food which there is enough of thanks to advanced modes of production and whose characteristics we can so easily modify leads to the damage of humanity’s health on the global level.


The festival welcomes other international guests.


They include directors and producers:

  • Oliver Dickinson– Where The Hills Are Greener
  • Philipp Enders– Mammon: Per Anhalter durchs Geldsystem (Money: A Confused User’s Guide )
  • Wouter Massink– Rwanda: Source Of Prosperity
  • Panos Raptis– The Secret Life Of Materials
  • Rob van Hattum– The Greedy Brain
  • Lisa Heenan– Polyfaces


One of the Czech directors who will attend the festival in person is Jan Svatoš, whose film divoČiny (wildWorks) won the Student Jury Award at LSFF 2014. This year he will present two other films – Causa Carnivora about predators in the European and Czech ecosystems, and Lessons in Wildness about wild horses in the former military area of Milovice.


Jan Svatoš  will also participate on the weekend extension of the festival where the festival joins up with the Street Food Fest, which will take place on October 17 and 18 in the vicinity of the National Technical Library in Dejvice. As part of the two-day event entitled “Food – There’s Science to It” he will present a unique travelling exhibition The Ark of Light and Shadows.  It is an interactive exhibition of 100-year-old photos from Africa accompanying his upcoming film.


Another very special guest who will enrich not only the festival’s programme but also the public space is the Czech architect, professor Martin Rajniš, winner of awards and prestigious Czech and international nominations including the nomination for the Miese van der Rohe Award. Together with his students, supporters and passers-by, this “enfant terrible” of Czech (and world) architecture, for whom nature and its shapes are constant inspiration, will build a unique wooden structure from sticks and branches in the space outside the National Technical Library reflecting the topic of “chaos”.

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