LSFF 2019 Grand Prix with 1500 Euro prize money goes to the American film Human Nature from Adam Bolt.

The film presents the recently designed gene editing tool named CRISPR. It is an abbreviation of clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat. In short this is a simple tool that nature devised for its evolution games a billion years ago – a kind of biological scissors. Based on the instructions, protein can find any given place of the DNA and cut it and replicate it. Will such a tool lead to the eradication of genetic diseases or to the production of genetically programmed children?


Award of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources

Film: Microbiota: The Amazing Powers of the Guts

Director: Sylvie Gilman & Thierry de Lestrade

Place of Origin: France

It is not a coincidence that our insides are host to billions of bacteria. Evolution has intentionally built us around bacterial systems and current research gradually reveals the reasons for this and why our contentment and health rely on the contentment of our tiny companions. The jury recommends the awarding of the prize for the faultless and clear description of today’s state of our knowledge on the topic of the microbiome.


Award of the Faculty of Economics and Management

Film: Soyalism

Director: Stefano Liberti / Enrico Parenti

Country of Origin: Italy

China and the agribusiness of the West control the world cereal and meat production, making small-scale farmers go bankrupt while also destroying the environment. Global interests motivated by shareholders’ profit are in conflict with the interests of nature and man. The jury recommends awarding the prize since the film represents an inspirational voice in the debate on personal responsibility of the consumer and customer and on the establishment of sustainable production relations.

Award of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences

Film: Superfood Chain

Director: Ann Shin

Country of Origin: Canada

The Superfood Chain is a feature-length documentary investigating the facts and myths surrounding superfoods. The jury praises the film’s deep insight into the social connotations of agricultural crop globalisation.


Award of the Faculty of Engineering

Film: Car Wars

Director: Véronique Préault / Guy Beauché

Country of Origin : France

The world is changing; we are on the threshold of a new revolution that will transform both the economy and the design of our cities. The jury recommends awarding the prize for the comprehensive film depiction of today’s solutions to the development of transport in various parts of the world.

Award of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood

Film: Bordeless Forests

Director: Veronika Kastlová

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

The documentary follows the development of an extensive international project aiming at researching European forests during climate changes, establishing the causes of problems and finding sustainable solutions for establishing new forests. The jury appreciates the film for its inspirational depiction of a complex project of forest restoration and management.


Award of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Film: Silver Branch

Director: Katrina Costello

Country of Origin: Ireland

Instead of living a quiet farmer’s life as his ancestors did, Patrick McCormack had to struggle long for the preservation of the landscape and the traditional way of life. The jury recommends awarding the prize for the heartfelt depiction of the relationship of one man to the land, tradition and family, but also to higher principles that can’t be compromised.


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Award

Film: Stark Images of the Czech Landscape in 100 Years

Director: Martin Slunečko

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

The jury grants the Special Jury Award for the lively and inspiring philosophical reflection on the topic of climate change manifestations today and in the near future.

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