LSFF 2013 Grand Prix plus 3,000 EUR prize

2_Still_5_DNA_DREAMS5Film: DNA Dreams
Director: Bregtje van der Haak
Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Jury’s statement: Dreaming about the future was until recently the domain of science fiction. Today’s reality of scientific research by far outmatches any such dreams. The revolutionary progress of possibilities in genomics and sequencing is paving the road for future discoveries.

Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources

Film: Global Horse Meat
Director: Martin Slunečko
Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Jury’s statement: Horse meat does not necessarily mean bad quality meat, for horse meat has better nutrition value than beef. Horse meat in Czech, though, also means bullshit and it is these two meanings that the film deals with. The film suggests a way out of the vicious circle of bullshit.

Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management

Film: Water Makes Money, How Private Corporations Make Money with Water
Director: Leslie Franke, Herdolor Lorenz
Country of Origin: France, Germany

Jury’s statement: The film reveals the tricks of private corporations that manage water resources and shows the ways by which the management of these resources returns under public surveillance.

Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Tropical Agrisciences

Film: Sweet Poison
Director: Peter Heller
Country of Origin: Germany, Spain

Jury’s statement: The film very faithfully expresses the fact that the current model of development aid for third world countries helps everyone but those for whom the aid was intended.

Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Film: Backlight: The Cleantech Future
Director: Rob van Hattum, Gijs Meijer Swantee
Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Jury’s statement: The film presents opportunities provided by examples of interdisciplinary interconnection of new technologies or production processes that do not harm the environment.

Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences

Film: The Man Who Plants Trees
Director: Michal Gálik
Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Jury’s statement: Jean Gion wrote a well-­know short story about the fact that the power and determination of an individual can positively change the world. Men from Kedjom‐Keku tribe show that the story can materialise also in the misty mountains of Cameroon.

Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Film: Smarty Plants
Director: Erna Buffie
Country of Origin: Canada

Jury’s statement: The film connects an exceptionally innovative use of filmmaking techniques with the findings of latest botanical research. The result is an entirely unique insight into the world of plants.

Award of the Student Jury

Film: Super Spider
Director: Vincent Amouroux
Country of Origin: Canada, France

Jury’s statement: Spiders – creatures surrounded by many prejudices. The film presents not only their indispensable place in the absolute majority of world ecosystems, but also the fascinating strategies which we can learn from these perfect products of evolution.

Award of the Minister of Agriculture

Film: The Farmer and His Prince
Director: Bertram Verhaag
Country of Origin: Germany

Jury’s statement: For more than twenty years, His Royal Highness Prince Charles has created conditions for what is now called sustainable methods of farming on his farm. David Wilson, the manager of this farm, has been researching such technologies that return balance to the soil and landscape.