Welcome to the Nanoworld: Nanos, nanos, everywhere

Vítejte v nanosvětě: Nano, všude samé nano

The door to the nanoworld is ajar. Everyone is trying to get a glimpse. Why such enthusiasm? From nanomaterials to nanomachines, nanotechnologies give promise of a new universe. Surfacing, reinforcing, creating new materials, stocking energy: nanotechnologies’ stakes are scientific but also economic. Competition is already raging in Europe, Japan and the United States. Within a decade goods and services related to nanotechnologies should generate a market of billons of dollars

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  • Director
    Charles-Antoine De Rouvere, Jérôme Scemla
  • Script
    Charles-Antoine De Rouvre, Jérôme Scemla
  • Photographer
    Rémy Revellin, Christophe Lemire, Boris Carrete, Jérôme Scemla
  • Country
  • Length
    52 min
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  • Festival version
    anglická, česká / English, Czech