The Trump Antidote

Protilék na Trumpa

Film screening

- en Projekce již proběhla v roce 2018.

Monday 15.10. 14:30Guarantor: Faculty of Economics and ManagementCULS Round Hall

The film can be requested for an individual screening MON–FRI from 10 AM till 7 PM - Study and Information Centre (SIC), room no. 140

The first reality-TV president didn’t get into office by being boring. This documentary takes the same approach. Unafraid of taboos and political correctness, The Trump Antidote seeks to discover the most effective ways to fight back against a corrupt system without resorting to violence.

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    Informative Screening
  • Director
    Aidan Prewett
  • Script
    Aidan Prewett
  • Photographer
    Brice Varan
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    Czech, English