The Celiac Project

Projekt celiak

Film screening

- en Projekce již proběhla v roce 2015.

Monday 12.10. 14:05Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural ResourcesLecture Room A IV

Friday 16.10. 13:30National Technical LibraryBalling Hall

The film can be requested for an individual screening MON–FRI from 10 AM till 7 PM - Study and Information Centre (SIC), room no. 140

The Celiac Project is a documentary about life before and after the diagnosis of Celiac Disease. The director, Michael Frolichstein, struggled with a series of “mystery ailments” before finally being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. His journey to meet others who had suffered, as well as to get answers, led him to uncover more mysteries in his family.

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  • Director
    Michael Frolichstein
  • Script
    Michael Frolichstein
  • Photographer
    Jason Betke and Michael Frolichstein
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    Czech, English