The Blood Of The Rose

Krev růže

Henry Singer’s gripping film tells the story of the extraordinary life and brutal death of filmmaker-turned-conservationist Joan Root, and of her campaign to save her beloved Lake Naivasha in Kenya. The film is both a biopic and a classic whodunit. Who killed Joan Root? The Kenyan rose, which is exported by the milions from Naivasha to the rest of the world, that has brought – not just jobs and foreign exchange earnings – but the environmental destructions that Root worked so hard to stop and which may have ultimately cost her life. A beautifully crafted and heartfelt hommage to a fearless woman.

  • Movie number
  • Section
    Informative Screening
  • Director
    Henry Singer
  • Script
    Henry Singer
  • Photographer
    Jonathan Partridge
  • Country
    England, Germany, Japan
  • Length
    90 min
  • Year
  • Festival version
    anglická, česká / English, Czech