Stories of successful peasants - The Farm of the Year 2009 - 2010

Příběhy úspěšných sedláků - Farma roku 2009 - 2010

The film brings the stories of two families that have won in the last two years of the competition Farm of the Year. For ten years already, the competition has been organized by the Association for Private Agriculture in the Czech Republic. It aims to show the general public that a Czech landowners cultivating their own family farms can not only be happy and successful as businessmen, but that they can also be free and proud citizens, positively influencing their village and region.

  • Movie number
  • Section
  • Director
    Radovan Urban
  • Script
    Asociace soukromého zemědělství ČR
  • Photographer
    Radovan Urban
  • Country
    Czech Republic
  • Length
    17 min
  • Year
  • Festival version
    česká / Czech