MarcoPolo2010: Genes and Tastes Along the Silk Road

Marco Polo 2010: Geny a chutě podél Hedvábné stezky

What influences the choice of food most is taste. However, according to recent studies, our food preferences also depend on genetic features. In the Summer 2010, a group of genetists, accompanied by photographers, camera operators and journalists, travelled along several parts of the Silk Road from Georgia to China. On the way, the group visited the Terra Madre communities, to carry out DNA tests and to analyse the functioning of sense organs, especially taste, olfaction, sight and hearing, which are all involved in various ways in taste perception.

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  • Director
    Carlo Auriemma, Elisabetta Eördegh
  • Script
    Carlo Auriemma, Elisabetta Eördegh
  • Photographer
    Carlo Auriemma, Elisabetta Eördegh
  • Country
  • Length
    45 min
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  • Festival version
    anglická, česká / English, Czech