InGenio, Science in Everyday Life

InGenio, věda v každodenním životě

Film screening

- en Projekce již proběhla v roce 2017.

Monday 16.10. 11:00Guarantor: Faculty of EngineeringCULS Auditorium

The film can be requested for an individual screening MON–FRI from 10 AM till 7 PM - Study and Information Centre (SIC), room no. 140

This television series uses contemporary problems to bring the engineering world closer. In each episode, a young female engineer showcases a research project conducted by local scientists. This chapter features a project that promotes Mapuche culture by creating a system to supply electricity to an isolated indigenous community in Southern Chile.

  • Movie number
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  • Director
    Marcelo Kiwi
  • Script
    Paulina Andrade, Juan Eduardo Castellón
  • Photographer
    Luis Alejandro Arellano, Marcelo Kiwi
  • Country
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  • Year
  • Festival version
    Czech, English