Growth Rings - 100 Proud Years of Canadian Forestry

Letokruhy - Sto hrdých roků kanadského lesního hospodářství

This documentary highlights the Canadian Institute of Forestry’s Centennial and the work the Institute has done over the past 100 years, influencing industry, research and practice in Canada’s forests. Growth Rings reveals the important role the CIF has had in developing a sustainable approach to resource management and ensuring that the forests remain a renewable resource, satisfying a multitude of needs for Canadians.

  • Movie number
  • Section
    Informative Screening
  • Director
    Kristina Durst
  • Script
    Miriam Pineau
  • Photographer
    Kristina Durst
  • Country
  • Length
    28 min
  • Year
  • Festival version
    anglická, česká / English, Czech