Feeding the Soil or Feeding the Cow

Krmit půdu nebo krmit krávu

A documentary about Conservation Agriculture (CA) in Africa. Where and how can it work? CA as an approach to managing agro-ecosystems helps to improve and sustain land productivity, increase profits and food security, while preserving and enhancing the resource base and the environment. It focuses on the situation in Kenya, Tanzania and Burkina Faso.

  • Movie number
  • Section
    Individual Screening
  • Director
    Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern
  • Script
    Mr. Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern, Ms. Simone de Hek
  • Photographer
    Melchert Meijer zu Schlochtern
  • Country
    The Netherlands
  • Length
    26 min
  • Year
  • Festival version