Current in the Tank - Where is the Electromobile?

Elektřina v nádrži - co je s elekromobilem?

This film introduces the makers and visionaries of the electromobile and their most important projects. Its author Daniel Münter filmed in General Motors research laboratories, he tested electromobiles made by Toyota, BMW, Renault and he spoke to engineers, designers and company advisors in the U.S. and in Europe. The documentary gives the audiences a tool how to differentiate between nice PR promises, incomplete developments and meaningful products. The film reveals the reasons why traditional industrial production parts with petrol so unwillingly and shows that some German companies might be left behind the times. But it’s not only the world climate and the mobility of millions of people that is at stake here, but also the future of hundreds of thousands of jobs in one of the key industrial sectors.

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  • Director
    Daniel Münter
  • Script
    Daniel Münter
  • Photographer
    Steffen Bohn
  • Country
  • Length
    44 min
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  • Festival version
    německá, česká / German, Czech