Awe of Life: Let’s Talk about Killing

Úcta k životu: Na slovíčko o zabíjení

A butcher that loves animals is a good butcher. This apparent paradox is the principle of conduct for Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth, master butcher and former meat producer who can truly say: We must kill for life, because we live thanks to the lives of others. Karl shows us how old tradition and craftsmanship can carefully and respectfully lead an animal to its death – with respect for life…

  • Movie number
  • Section
  • Director
    Bertram Verhaag
  • Script
    Bertram Verhaag
  • Photographer
    Gerald Fritzen, Sebastian Felsch, Paulin Hien, Waldemar Hauschild
  • Country
  • Length
    35 min
  • Year
  • Festival version
    německá, česká / German, Czech