Alaotra: Endangered Treasures of Madagascar

Alaotra: ohrožené poklady Madagaskaru

Film screening

- en Projekce již proběhla v roce 2017.

Wednesday 18.10. 11:05Guarantor: Faculty of Environmental SciencesCULS Auditorium

The film can be requested for an individual screening MON–FRI from 10 AM till 7 PM - Study and Information Centre (SIC), room no. 140

A group of researchers and conservationists is trying to save the last of the rare Alaotra Gentle Lemur – called “Bandro” – in Madagascar. As habitat – crucial for its survival – continues to be destroyed, they are reverting to extraordinary measures: Playing a boardgame with the locals to change behaviours and turn the wheel of extinction around.

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    Julia Dordel, Guido Tölke
  • Script
    Julia Dordel, Patrick Waeber, Guido Tölke
  • Photographer
    Guido Tölke
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  • Festival version
    Czech, English