The sixth Life Sciences Film Festival has selected which films will compete for the LSFF Grand Prix and the awards of individual faculties.


The international competition will see 28 films this year. The most represented country is Canada (4 films), followed by United Kingdom, USA and Germany with three films. Czech films that have been nominated for the competition are K2 with a Drone: The World High Altitude Record 2016! by Petr Juračka and Soil to Kill by Jana Hádková.

You can find the catalogue of all this year’s LSFF films in the Catalogue section.

The sixth LSFF will show 197 films in total. The 28 competition films and 6 films shown as part of the informative screening will be screened in the CULS Auditorium. You can watch any of the films from the LSFF catalogue individually in the Study and Information Centre during the festival.


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