Number Title Country Section
121 Brooklyn Farmer USA Competition
122 The Ghosts In Our Machine Canada Individual
123 Let's Not Lose the Ground beneath Our Feet Czech Republic Competition
124 Our Animals: Moo Moo Brown Cow Have You Any Milk? Czech Republic Individual
125 Otakar Štěrba's Rivers Czech Republic Individual
126 Roads of Faith: The Farm Czech Republic Individual
127 Volynians Czech Republic Individual
128 Our Countryside: Flower Garden Czech Republic Individual
129 Abalimi South Africa, USA Individual
130 Growing Cities USA Informative
131 Tar Canada Individual
132 And You, Where Do You Go Shopping? Czech Republic Individual
133 Salt, Olive, Stone Croatia Individual
134 Poop on Poverty South Africa, Denmark Individual
135 Blue Eyed Boy Iran Individual
136 Soul Food Stories Bulgaria Individual
137 Vigia Switzerland Individual
138 The Gut, Our Second Brain France Competition
139 Seeds of Time USA Individual
140 Seeds of Freedom UK Individual
141 Voices of Transition Germany, France Competition
142 The Moo Man UK Individual
143 Chasing a Comet: The Rosetta Mission Germany Individual
144 Feeding the Soil or Feeding the Cow The Netherlands Individual
145 The Bonobo Connection USA Individual
146 Cook It Raw Charleston USA Informative
147 Bread / Pudding USA Individual
148 A Tale of Two Rooftops USA Informative
149 A Good Thing USA Informative
150 Bush Pig USA Informative
151 A Very Old Concept USA Informative
152 Kars Honey USA Individual
153 Make Hummus Not War Australia Competition
154 Do We Need Every Species? Germany Informative
155 Is Climate Change a Security Risk? Germany Informative
156 What Impact Do Food Miles Have on Climate? Germany Individual
157 What Can Farmers Do To Protect the Climate? Germany Individual
158 What Economic Value Do Forests Have? Germany Informative
159 Sriracha USA Competition
160 Farm of the Year 2013 Czech Republic Informative
161 Schauers Orchards Czech Republic Informative
162 Orchards Tatobity Czech Republic Informative
163 Herbal Garden of Květuška Czech Republic Informative
164 Eating The Apple Turkey Individual
165 Mona France Individual
166 Chronicle of a Scale-Wing India Individual
167 Circle Czech Republic Informative
168 Guess Who I Am Czech Republic Informative