Number Title Country Section
61 Troubled / Confused Greece Individual
62 Saving the Symbol of Nias Slovakia Individual
63 Probiotics Belgium Informative
64 Nyirangongo Belgium Individual
65 Sugar, My Best Enemy Belgium Competition
66 Food, Face Of Health! Portugal Individual
67 Rewalk Belgium Individual
68 Szigetköz: The Inland Delta of the River Danube Hungary, Slovakia, Germany Individual
69 Dive! Living Off America's Waste USA Individual
70 Jan Calabek: To the Delight of Bees, Poets and Botanists Czech Republic Individual
71 Inked-in Science Czech Republic Competition
72 Science Adventurers Czech Republic Individual
73 Toxic Bees Taiwan Competition
74 A Town Called Success Taiwan Individual
75 O Christmas Tree Germany Competition
76 Choose the rural alternative! The Netherlands Competition
77 Germany: Farming Community Heggelbach The Netherlands Informative
78 Ireland: Peasant Farming in Ireland The Netherlands Informative
79 The Netherlands: Tuinderij de Stroom The Netherlands Informative
80 Denmark: Ask Rasmussen The Netherlands Informative
81 Germany’s Reunification: A Double-Edged Sword Germany Individual
82 In Vitro Meat Soon to Be Served? France Competition
83 Unplugged Serbia, Finland Individual
84 Micro-Core Processing The Netherlands Individual
85 The Family Farm Canada Competition
86 Organic Food, a Guarantee of Good Taste Poland Informative
87 Battle For Bats: Surviving White Nose Syndrome USA Individual
88 Carpe Diem: A Fishy Tale Canada Competition
89 The Barefoot Artist USA Individual
90 Food, Inc. Czech Republic Competition
91 Causes of Floods in England in 2014 Slovakia Individual
92 Urine Superpowers France Competition
93 Life on Us France Competition
94 The Old Tree Iran Individual
95 Super Fungi, Will Mushrooms Help Save the World? France Competition
96 The Forest Dieback Generation Germany Individual
97 Atomic Africa Germany Individual
98 Chronobiology: How Our Body Clock Works Germany Individual
99 Living Change Czech Republic Informative
100 The Human Mirror Spain Individual
101 Foodsavers Germany Informative
102 The Truffle Hunters USA Individual
103 The Leaf Turkey Informative
104 Oil: The Never Ending Story France Individual
105 World Hunger France Individual
106 The Forest: Universal Pharmacy France Competition
107 Last Call Italy, Norway Competition
108 Ichographs Greece Individual
109 Fishing the Anacostia USA Individual
110 Beyond The Wave Germany, Japan Individual
111 Harvesters of the Bay France, UK Individual
112 Extinction in Progress Haiti Competition
113 Daughters Are Like Their Mothers (Women Along the Silk Road) Italy Individual
114 Inorganica UK Individual
115 Food Markets: In the belly of the city Italy, Hungary, Spain, Austria Informative
116 Better Living through Chemistry: Fuelling Controversy UK Competition
117 Google and the World Brain Spain Informative
118 Critical Mass UK Competition
119 Emptying the Skies USA Individual
120 GMO OMG USA Individual