Number Title Country Section
61 Toxic Soil: Lost Forever? Germany Individual
62 Jenny Asks: How Does Agrobacterium-Mediated Gene Transfer Work? Germany Competition
63 Jenny Asks: How Does the PCR Method Work? Germany Informative
64 Jenny Asks: What Is a Gene Bank? Germany Informative
65 Jenny Asks: How Does Hybrid Breeding Work? Germany Informative
66 Fish Tale: My Secret Life as Plankton Canada Competition
67 To Make a Farm Canada Competition
68 One of Seven India Individual
69 Backlight: Abundance The Netherlands Informative
70 Backlight: The Cleantech Future The Netherlands Competition
71 Backlight: Regreening the Desert The Netherlands Competition
72 Tales of the Black Forest: How Life Came to the Forest Germany Competition
73 Harvests France Individual
74 Secrets of the Fields France Competition
75 The River Runs Back China Individual
76 The Lithium Revolution German, Spain Competition
77 The End of Greenery in Prague? from the Don't Give Up series Czech Republic Individual
78 River Banks for Sand Martins from the Don't Give Up series Czech Republic Individual
79 How Life Begins in the Deep Sea Canada Competition
80 The Tree Slovakia Individual
81 Europe' s Last Wild Horses Germany Competition
82 78 Days Canada Competition
83 William and the Windmill USA Individual
84 See the World from the Trees Belgium Individual
85 The Second Wave Sweden Competition
86 Sacred Economics Canada Competition
87 The Keralan Cowboy India Informative
88 The Farmer, the Architect and the Scientist India Competition
89 A Natural System and an Agricultural Philosophy India Competition
90 Tokyo's Belly Germany Competition
91 Chihuahuan Desert USA Informative
92 Sweet Poison Germany, Spain Competition
93 Jungle Book Bear Germany Individual
94 Finland (Wild Scandinavia) Germany Individual
95 The Fight for Water USA Individual
96 In Search of Water India Individual
97 25572 Büttel Germany Individual
98 Poppy's Promise Germany Competition
99 Being Mean to Broccoli United Kingdom Individual
100 Nut Harvest United Kingdom Individual
101 Blasting Strawberries with Plasma United Kingdom Competition
102 Melawa - The Festival of Marriages India Individual
103 The Only King India Individual
104 Libochovicky to Itself Czech Republic Informative
105 Smarty Plants Canada Competition
106 One Ocean: The Changing Sea Canada Competition
107 Chapters on Insects: Butterfly Czech Republic Individual
108 Chapters on Insects: Wasp Czech Republic Informative
109 Not a Stone to Waste Czech Republic Informative
110 In Organic We Trust USA Competition
111 Under Saint Piran's Flag Czech Republic Informative
112 Farm of the Year 2012 Czech Republic Individual
113 Grown in Detroit The Netherlands Informative
114 Impact of Bt Maize on Honey Bees Germany Competition
115 Tomato on the Road Czech Republic Competition
116 Interactive Presentation of the Institute of Physiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Czech Republic Informative
117 Landscape for Life Czech Republic Informative
118 Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with No Electricity USA Informative
119 The Case of Shrinking Cod Germany Individual
120 Why do Slave Ants Kill Slavemakers? Germany Individual