Number Title Country Section
61 Crime Scene: Rainforest Germany Individual
62 Fish's Finished: Reaching the crossroads for our Oceans Germany Individual
63 Almtal: Magical Valley Austria Competition
64 Cultivation of fishing grounds Czech Republic Individual
65 Countryside of dreams and reality Czech Republic Individual
66 Mushroom Picking: Magic Mushrooms last Czech Republic Individual
67 Mushroom Picking: Honey Fungus and More Czech Republic Individual
68 Tale of a Forest Czech Republic Individual
69 Damage Czech Republic Individual
70 Limited Liability Food Czech Republic Competition
71 Not Leaving Czech Republic Individual
72 Jakub Vágner´s Fishing Legends: Amazonie I; Amazonie II Czech Republic Individual
73 Jakub Vágner´s Fishing Legends: India I Czech Republic Individual
74 The Trip Poland Individual
75 The Gardens of Marrakesh Austria Individual
76 Towards Sustainable Forest Management France, Canada Individual
77 NATURE: Silence of the Bees USA Informative
78 Green desert Slovakia Informative
79 Caring for the Lagoon England, France Individual
80 The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning Canada Individual
81 The Polar Explorer Canada Individual
82 The Last of the Dodos Czech Republic Individual
83 Djink-i-junka: Bush used to be dark Czech Republic, Senegal Competition
84 Dying forest of the Tatras Slovakia Competition
85 Art of survival Slovakia Competition
86 Victims of the winter Slovakia Individual
87 Nature for gardens, parks and landscape Czech Republic Informative
88 Silent Snow Netherlands Competition
89 Pygmies - The Children of the Jungle Slovakia Individual
90 Seabed Cultivation China Individual
91 Journey of the Universe USA Individual
92 Raising Resistance Germany, Switzerland Individual
93 Jonathan Germany Individual
94 Bottled Life Germany, Switzerland Individual
95 The Farmer's Blues Luxembourg Competition
96 Joyful clay Czech Republic Informative
97 That Czech Character of Ours: Where is the country of milk and honey? Czech Republic Competition
98 Velká Fatra Czech Republic Informative
99 It all started with a peasant forest Czech Republic Informative
100 Forests for People Germany Competition
101 The Fishing Industry in Germany: Responsible Use of Natural Resources Germany Competition
102 Gardens of Destiny Canada Individual
103 Phytoremediation in environmental protection Poland Individual
104 Root Vegetables Growing and Cultivation in Organic Farms Poland Competition
105 Houston We Have a Problem USA Competition
106 Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus: A Threat in the Tropics Brazil Competition
107 Triatomines: Vector of disease Brazil Individual
108 Heliotropes USA Individual
109 Billion Dollar Fish: The last Days of the Wild Sturgeon? Austria Individual
110 Bird Brain Austria Competition
111 Farm of the year 2011 Czech Republic Individual
112 Sekem: Born of the Sun Germany Individual
113 Return of the Wild Horses Czech Republic Informative
114 Wild Africa Goes Hi-Tech: The Wheel of Life Australia Competition
115 Wild Africa Goes Hi-Tech: Tracks Australia Competition
116 Wild Africa Goes Hi-Tech: Protecting Each Other Australia Informative
117 Wild Africa Goes Hi-Tech: Problem Solving Australia Individual
118 Wild Africa Goes Hi-Tech: Conflict Avoidance Australia Individual
119 Wild Africa Goes Hi-Tech: Reaching Out Australia Individual
120 Circulate Greenhouse China Competition