Number Title Country Section
61 Socioeconomic Impacts of Climate Change - Baltic Sea Region Poland Informative
62 The Baltic: a Sea Mystery Poland Informative
63 Seed Warriors Switzerland, Germany Competition
64 Current in the Tank - Where is the Electromobile? Germany Competition
65 The Economics of Happiness USA Competition
66 Discover science: Let's see the speed of sound Japan, Qatar Informative
67 Equator - Rivers of the Sun Japan, New Zealand Informative
68 The Hubble Space Telescope: Zooming to the Beginning of the Universe Japan Informative
69 Surviving the Tsunami Japan Informative
70 The Farmer Who Hears the Grass Growing Germany Competition
71 Percy Schmeiser - David versus Monsanto Germany Competition
72 Sand, Wind, Water Netherlands Informative
73 Butterflies Go Netherlands Informative
74 Ebb and Flow Taiwan Informative
75 Bird without Borders - Black-Faced Spoonbills Taiwan Informative
76 Submission Sweden Competition
77 Welcome to the Nanoworld: Nanos, nanos, everywhere France Competition
78 Welcome to the Nanoworld: From Micro to Nano France Competition
79 Welcome to the Nanoworld: Nanos on the inside France Informative
80 Welcome to the Nanoworld: Nanoworlds and Maxifears France Competition
81 Stem Cell Revolutions' England Competition
82 The Englouvi Plateau - Code ILL293 Greece Informative
83 Small is Beautiful Austria Competition
84 Mimovax Illustrates - Vaccination Austria Competition
85 The secrets of Bohemian Forest Czech Republic Informative
86 From the Desertification towards the Park Albania Informative
87 The Blood Of The Rose England, Germany, Japan Informative
88 Ramses - Electrical Agricultural Vehicle Poland Informative
89 Organic Agriculture: Soil Mechanical Cultivation and Preparation Poland Competition
90 Biomimicry Germany Competition
91 Andreas Kieling: Expeditions to the Last of Their Kind, World’s Wildest Encounters II Episode 3 Canada Informative
92 Andreas Kieling: Expeditions to the Last of Their Kind, World’s Wildest Encounters II Episode 4 Brazil Informative
93 A Future? At What Price... France Informative
94 The Message of Hana Librova Czech Republic Informative
95 Beer Wars USA Competition
96 Facts of Evolution USA Informative
97 Mechanism of Evolution USA Informative
98 Higway of Life USA Informative
99 A CO2 Journey with Michael Londesborough Czech Republic Informative
100 The New Biology USA Competition
101 The Disgusted Generation Czech Republic Informative
102 Teach Them How to Fish Czech Republic Informative
103 Transgenic Spidergoats USA Competition
104 Local & Global - The Meaning of Proximity Czech Republic Competition
105 Vive La Crise! Rumunsko / Romania Competition
106 Stories of successful peasants - The Farm of the Year 2009 - 2010 Czech Republic Competition
107 Windmills Netherlands Competition
108 Scientists under Attack - Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money Germany Competition
109 Selective Asparagus Machine Netherlands Competition
110 Tsunami Warriors England Informative
111 Dial D for Discovery – In Realm of the Sacred Plants Germany Informative
112 The Tale of the Przewalski's Horse - Coming Home to Mongolia Netherlands Informative
113 Reunion Czech Republic Informative
114 Silva Gabreta - Genesis of the Šumava Mountain Forests Czech Republic Competition
115 Therapy by Interest Czech Republic Informative
116 The Invincible Germany Competition
117 Taste the Waste Germany Competition
118 Of Forests and Men USA / USA Informative
119 The Micro Debt Denmark, Norway Competition
120 Greenland in Change - The New Treasure Island Germany Informative