Number Title Country Section
1 The Food Race Germany Competition
2 Ore Mountains Treasures Czech Republic Individual
3 Living Wall Czech Republic Individual
4 Suri Slovakia Competition
5 A Commons Sense India Competition
6 Food Coop France Individual
7 Ethiopia Rising: Red Terror to Green Revolution UK Individual
8 Golden Genes Austria Individual
9 Baobabs between Land and Sea France Individual
10 Metamorphosis of Plants Poland Individual
11 Huntsmen Germany Individual
12 Fukushima and Bats Germany Individual
13 Shipping Pollution Sweden Individual
14 Poisoned Fields: Glyphosate, an Underrated Risk? Germany Competition
15 Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees Canada Competition
16 My Brain Made Me Do It Canada Individual
17 The Curious Case of Vitamins and Me Canada Competition
18 Making the Change: Female Climate Fighters UK Informative
19 The Bee Hunter USA Individual
20 K2 and the Invisible Footmen Pakistan, USA, Brazil Individual
21 The Art of Flying Netherlands Individual
22 Anthropocene UK Individual
23 Age of the Farmer USA Informative
24 It Takes Guts Canada Competition
25 Life in Syntropy Brazil Individual
26 The Dalai Lama and the Future of Tibet Germany Individual
27 Chitter Chatter, That's All You're Good at. Said Vegetable Czech Republic Individual
28 Paint of Water Iran Individual
29 Medieval Monsters UK Competition
30 Portus, Rome's Ancient Port UK Individual
31 Plant, Pick & Eat It Germany Individual
32 Save the Bees USA Individual
33 Surviving El Niño The Philippines Individual
34 Trip into the Womb: The Rebirth of Humanity France Individual
35 Nature Needs You Australia Individual
36 Epigenetics: The Memory of the World in Our Body Italy Individual
37 The Spirit of the Forest Belgium Individual
38 Food Frontiers USA Competition
39 Undune Germany Individual
40 Bacteria, a Fight against Our Worst Enemies Belgium Competition
41 Diabetes, the Silent Epidemic Belgium Individual
42 Alzheimer, the Disease We Would Like to Forget Belgium Individual
43 Is Fat Bad for Our Health? Belgium Individual
44 Roadside Radiation Germany Individual
45 Soil to Kill Czech Republic Competition
46 Jakub Vágner's Fish World: The Carp Czech Republic Individual
47 Jakub Vágner's Fish World: The Trout Czech Republic Individual
48 Jakub Vágner's Fish World: The Pike Česká republika Individual
49 Jakub Vágner's Fish Legends III: The Siberian Taimen Czech Republic Individual
50 Mysteries of Natural Science: The Death at the Kutná Hora Beach Czech Republic Individual
51 People, Horses and Forests Czech Republic Individual
52 Czech Miracles: Where the Big River Rises Czech Republic Individual
53 The Return of the Golden Eagle Czech Republic Individual
54 What Is Happening to the Jesenice Goat? Czech Republic Individual
55 Excellent Darkness Czech Republic Individual
56 Counting Beasts of Prey Czech Republic Individual
57 Apple of My Eye Czech Republic Individual
58 Dark Bushland Czech Republic Individual
59 Slowed Down Wardrobe Czech Republic Individual
60 The Last Charcoal Burner Czech Republic Individual