Number Title Country Section
1 Rwanda: Source of prosperity Belgium, Rwanda Competition
2 Cafe dé Bookhouse Turkey Individual
3 Verrückt: The Snail Farmer of Vienna USA Competition
4 Decoding Desire Canada Competition
5 For All the Marbles USA Individual
6 Speechless: The Polar Realm New Zealand Competition
7 Space Weather France Competition
8 The Other Side of the Shore France Individual
9 Food Ltd. Czech Republic Informative
10 Living Off Energy We Are Energy Czech Republic Individual
11 Czech Beer War Czech Republic Competition
12 Ferment USA Informative
13 Menkes Disease: Finding Help & Hope USA Individual
14 Presence Canada Individual
15 Light-Year Brasil, Bolivia Individual
16 The Bat Man of Mexico UK Competition
17 The Children of Bangladesh Czech Republic Individual
18 Muddy Pond Sorghum USA Competition
19 The Story of an Error Portugal Individual
20 T. rex Netherlands Individual
21 Tiger's Revenge India Individual
22 The Everglades - A Watery Wilderness Germany, USA, Hungary Competition
23 Invisible Ocean: Plankton & Plastic USA Competition
24 Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night USA, Japan Competition
25 Traditional Chinese Medicine Belgium Individual
26 Farmland Not Gaslands Australia Individual
27 Apitherapy Belgium Competition
28 Gravity Austria Individual
29 -1287 Japan Individual
30 Remanufacturing Toner Cartridges Reduces Waste Czech Republic Individual
31 Elemental USA Competition
32 Once Upon a Tree Netherlands Informative
33 Immunology of the Lung USA Informative
34 Cancer Cell Metabolism USA Informative
35 Immunology of the Skin USA Informative
36 RNA Interference USA Informative
37 Immunology of the Gut Mucosa USA Competition
38 White Carpathians Slovakia Competition
39 Growing Food Project Australia Competition
40 Closer To The Stars Czech Republic Individual
41 Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective USA Competition
42 Monitoring a Glacier Germany Competition
43 Money: A Confused User's Guide Germany, France, Sweden Competition
44 Behind the Redwood Curtain Belgium Competition
45 Caper Plant, an Underutilized Crop Portugal Individual
46 The Wolf Mountains Slovakia Competition
47 Landing on a Comet: The Rosetta Mission Germany Individual
48 Epidemics, the Invisible Threat France Individual
49 All About My Pregnancy Indonesia Individual
50 On The Yeti Trail France Individual
51 Causa Carnivora Czech Republic Competition
52 Back To The Roots Czech Republic Individual
53 Biochar Czech Republic Individual
54 Life 2000 Metres Under The Sea France Individual
55 Minutes from Krkonose Czech Republic Informative
56 The Bloody Truth Germany, France, Belgium Individual
57 Beyond the Forest Germany Individual
58 Deproducers: Music for Space Conferences Italy Individual
59 Walking Under Water Poland, Germany, UK Individual
60 Moon France Individual