Number Title Country Section
1 Synthetic Biology in Europe Austria Competition
2 Ticked Off: The Mystery of Lyme Disease Canada Competition
3 Acid Ocean Australia Individual
4 Fermenting Maine USA Individual
5 Healing Venoms France Competition
6 Terra Firma USA Individual
7 Wonders of Life: Size Matters UK Individual
8 Beating Batten USA Competition
9 The Invisible (R)evolutions France Individual
10 Indian Summer France Individual
11 Byeway Czech Republic Individual
12 Realm of the Oceans Canada, France Competition
13 Escape to Vanuatu Czech Republic Competition
14 The Fire Line: Wildfire in Colorado USA Informative
15 Climate Change, Causes and Countermeasures Slovakia Competition
16 Why Do I Study Physics? USA Individual
17 The Garden Game Changer in India India Individual
18 Conquerors: The Giant Crab of Kamchatka France Individual
19 Conquerors: The Pine Processionnary Caterpillar France Competition
20 Conquerors: The Lionfish France Individual
21 Conquerors: The Fire Ant France Individual
22 Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives USA Individual
23 The Meaning of Wild USA Competition
24 Of Cows and Men USA Individual
25 A2-B-C Japan Individual
26 Cathedrals Germany Individual
27 Beautiful Krista Germany Individual
28 Poksai Czech Republic Informative
29 You Remain the Farmer Germany Individual
30 Hands in the Orchestra USA Informative
31 Green Bronx Machine USA Individual
32 Park Netherlands Informative
33 The Knights of the Lagoon Italy Individual
34 The Great American Wheat Harvest USA Competition
35 Road to Legality Cameroon, Italy Informative
36 Tracing Our Timber Europe, Africa Informative
37 Switch USA Competition
38 European Forest Innovation: Charting a Path towards a Green Economy Italy Informative
39 Raw Herring The Netherlands Individual
40 European Forests: Central to the World We Live In Finland Informative
41 Tune for the Blood UK Individual
42 The Adventure of Tropical Ecology Czech Republic Informative
43 Microbirth UK Competition
44 Terns and Salt-workers France Individual
45 Brookford Almanac USA Individual
46 The War Against Microbes USA Competition
47 The Body’s Secret Army USA Individual
48 Hunting the Hidden Dimension USA Individual
49 Bidder 70 USA Individual
50 Thin Ice: The Inside Story of Climate Science UK, New Zealand Individual
51 Animal Concentration Camps? Czech Republic Competition
52 The Gift Canada Informative
53 The Solution to Pollution is Life USA Informative
54 U.S. Marine Aquaculture: A Promising Future USA Individual
55 Studies on the Operating Quality of Agricultural Machinery and Tools Poland Informative
56 Rotary Soil Loosener Poland Informative
57 WildWORKS Czech Republic Competition
58 Feeding Cities: A Challenge for the Future Germany Competition
59 City of the Future: Future of the City Germany Competition
60 Thorny Land: Invasion of Prosopis Juliflora India Individual