Number Title Country Section
1 Pig Love France Individual
2 Big Dream Little Bears Australia Individual
3 Ant Wars Germany Competition
4 Perfect Fire Italy Individual
5 Earthship School in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Individual
6 Jungwa, the Broken Balance... France Individual
7 Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time USA Competition
8 Wild Hungary: A Water Wonderland Hungary, Germany Individual
9 Redemption Impossible Germany Individual
10 Saving The Life Keepers: The New Science of Sustainable Beekeeping Canada Competition
11 Tiger Dynasty India Individual
12 The Next Stop Is The Moon Russia Individual
13 Water Makes Money, How Private Corporations Make Money with Water France, Germany Competition
14 The Farmer and His Prince Germany Competition
15 Vandana Shiva: Seeds and Seedmultinationals Germany Competition
16 The Beloved Cattle Germany Competition
17 We Love Potatoes: Linda, Sieglinde & Co. Germany Competition
18 The Eco-Brewery in the Altmühl Valley Germany Competition
19 Encounters Beyond Growth Germany Individual
20 SuperMarketPower Germany Competition
21 Cotton Dreams Germany Competition
22 Green Up Colorado USA Competition
23 GROW! USA Competition
24 Korana: Water that Runs through Forest and Stone Germany Individual
25 Farming on Crisis Greece Competition
26 Tastes Like Chicken? Brazil Individual
27 Super Spider Canada, France Competition
28 Home To Turkana USA, Kenya Competition
29 F*ck for Forest Poland, Germany Individual
30 The Black Queen Bosnia and Herzegovina Individual
31 The Human Chain Italy Competition
32 The Well: Water Voices from Ethiopia Italy Individual
33 Troubled Water USA Competition
34 Micro Empire Austria Informative
35 Macro Kingdom Trilogy Austria Informative
36 Growing Farmers USA Competition
37 Coexistence with Man Slovakia Competition
38 Chamois Tragedy Slovakia Informative
39 DNA Dreams The Netherlands Competition
40 Revealing Invisible Changes In The World USA Informative
41 Bending Sticks: the Sculpture of Patrick Dougherty USA Informative
42 Sons of the Land France Individual
43 Men's School Italy Individual
44 Gorillas between Prague and Africa Czech Republic Informative
45 Soil Cultivation System for Sustainable Agriculture Poland Individual
46 Organic Farming Poland Competition
47 Krakonoš´s Garden Czech Republic Competition
48 Global Horse Meat Czech Republic Competition
49 Hunting Fruit Flies China Competition
50 The Man who Plants Trees Czech Republic Competition
51 Betting the Farm USA Individual
52 New Techniques of Fresh Water Fish-Farming in Saline Land China Competition
53 New Technology of Sturgeon Artificial Breeding China Competition
54 Rare Earths: High-Tech's Dark Side Germany Competition
55 Professional Nose Belgium Competition
56 Expedition on a Lava Lake Belgium Individual
57 Biomimetics: Naturally Brilliant Belgium Competition
58 Stratosphere Belgium Individual
59 Spirulina The Amazing Algae Cyrpus Competition
60 Soil: Misplanned, Sealed, Lost? Germany Competition