Number Title Country Section
1 You, Planet Austria Competition
2 On the Trail of Primitive Life: the Cambrian Period Spain Competition
3 NanoYou England Competition
4 The Man Who Stopped the Desert England Competition
5 Planes go green Belgium Individual
6 Who Owns the Sea? The Scramble for the Last Resources Germany Informative
7 Indelible Mark USA Individual
8 White Paradise Belgium Individual
9 Patagonia: The World at the end of the World Belgium Individual
10 Symphony of the Soil USA Competition
11 Portrait of a Winemaker: John Williams of Frog's Leap USA Competition
12 Sekem Vision USA Competition
13 Transition Town Totnes USA Competition
14 A Thousand Suns USA, Ethiopia Competition
15 Mysteries of the abyss Germany Individual
16 Basking Sharks: Gentle Giants Germany Individual
17 Year of Hemp Czech Republic Individual
18 Kangaroo Mob Australia Informative
19 Neem: the virtuous tree Belgium Competition
20 Solar Kitchen Belgium Individual
21 Up in Smoke England Individual
22 The Botany of Desire USA Competition
23 The Mermaids´ Tears: Oceans of Plastic France Competition
24 Robot World: A meeting with your alternate double Germany Informative
25 Safety first Czech Republic Individual
26 Waste Not Australia Individual
27 Johann Gregor Mendel: Permanent Challenge Czech Republic Competition
28 The Hidden Life of Our Genes France Competition
29 The Real Chainsaw Massacre England Competition
30 Global Hawk Technologies USA Informative
31 Coastal Project USA Informative
32 Autonomous Modular Sensors USA Informative
33 Better Safe than Sorry: A Focus on Food USA Competition
34 Captive Audience: The 21st Century Challenge of Zoo Medicine USA Competition
35 Beautiful Islands Japan Individual
36 Out of the Ashes Australia Competition
37 Cosmic Front: Dark Energy - The Race to Discover How the Universe is Expanding Japan Individual
38 Grandma's Eternal Forest Japan Competition
39 Doctor G's Case File Japan Individual
40 Life in Hell: Survivors of Salt and Acid France Competition
41 Life in Hell: Survivors of Heat France Individual
42 Life in Hell: Survivors of Cold France Competition
43 Life in Hell: Survivors of Darkness France Individual
44 Serge Aviotte, the Iceman France Individual
45 Lab Animal Kingdom France Competition
46 Bearded Vultures of the Alps France Individual
47 Alpine Meltdown Austria Competition
48 Limits of Light Austria Competition
49 Radioactive Wolves Austria Competition
50 Termites: The Inner Sanctum Austria Competition
51 Eco Crime Investigators: Making a Killing England Competition
52 Swarms: The Intelligence of the Masses Germany Informative
53 Bikpela Bagarap (Big Damage) Australia, Papua New Guinea Individual
54 e-Wasteland Australia, Ghana Individual
55 Garden Stories Luxembourg Individual
56 Secrets of the Brain Slovakia Individual
57 Today in the Future Slovakia Competition
58 Crunchy Chicken and Crisp Wine Slovakia Competition
59 Kingdom of the Forest England, Germany Competition
60 Gorillas of the Kongo: Chain saws to the rescue Germany Informative