International Festival of Documentary Films on Life Sciences

I. Basic Stipulations

1. The LIFE SCIENCES FILM FESTIVAL (hereinafter “LSFF”) is an international festival of documentary films at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (hereinafter “CULS”).
2. The goal of LSFF is to present and to award the latest films from the area of life sciences and at the same time to present the possibilities of their application in education and to further enhance the good reputation of CULS.
3. The festival consists of an international competition of films, lectures, discussions with specialists and other accompanying events.
4. The festival programme includes: an international film competition, informative screenings, discussions with filmmakers and specialists and other accompanying events.
5. The official languages of LSFF are Czech and English.
6. The initiator and organiser of LSFF is the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (resident at Kamýcká 129, 165 21 Praha 6 – Suchdol) and the Harvest Films civic association (resident at Ke statkům 79, 252 65, Tursko).
7. The ninth LSFF will take place on 4 – 8 November 2019 on the premises of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague and on 30 November in Kampus Dejvice as the LSFF section named Food Film Fest (FFF). The accompanying programme may take place at the same time; there may be other presentations and screenings around the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

II. Entering Films for the Festival

1. Films may be entered only by eligible subjects (filmmakers, producers, distributors, etc. – hereinafter “applicant”).
2. Film entry is made via the web pages by filling in the application form. After filling the form the applicant receives all further information with registration by email.
3. Only films, TV films and video programmes (hereinafter “films”) produced after January 1, 2018 may be entered for the “International Competition”.
4. A film can be entered in the “Informative Screening” section regardless of its date of production.
5. The applicant must send a screener of the entered film for the purpose of a preview.
6. The organiser requires a Full HD 1080 file (Mp4 or Quicktime) with a bit rate of at least 10MB/s for the film screening. In the case of a foreign language film, it must contain an English version (i.e. version in English, version with English dubbing, or original version with English subtitles).
7. The signed and scanned application form is to be sent to by 30th June, 2019 at the latest.
8. Entering a film for the LSFF includes supplying a preview of the film, or the authorisation to make such a preview for the purpose of easier promotion of the film at the festival’s cost. Its length shall not exceed 3 minutes. The participant hereby agrees to the use of these previews on Czech or foreign TV channels and on the internet.
9. It is not possible to enter a film for the festival that has been entered in previous festival years.
10. Films which do not comply with sections 1-9 will not be evaluated by the selection committee.

III. The Conditions for Participation in the Festival

1. The decision concerning the film’s being or not being accepted into the international competition category and the informative screening category is made by the selection committee which is appointed by the chairman of the Harvest Films civic association. The selection committee selects all the films by September 1, 2019 and informs the applicant of the decision without undue delay. The committee has the right to decline a film which does not comply with the regulations and the focus of the festival either by its technical quality or by its content.


IV. Festival Awards

1. The festival juries may award the following prizes:
• LSFF 2019 Grand Prix plus 1,500 EUR. The financial award belongs to the director of the winning film.
• Award of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources
• Award of the Faculty of Economics and Management
• Award of the Faculty of Engineering
• Award of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences
• Award of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences
• Award of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences
• Special Jury Award
• Award for the Best Food Film
• Award of the Minister of Agriculture

2. People’s choice award

V. Final Provisions

1. The applicant agrees that his/her work will be converted from the submitted medium to an MP4 format and copied to the organiser’s hard disk for the purpose of translating, subtitling and screening. Films selected for the competition or informative section may be be subtitled or commented in Czech or English. By signing the application form the applicant declares that the film, including all material included in the film does not violate the right of industrial ownership, copyright and the right to privacy.

2. By signing the application form the applicant declares that no financial claims will be made to the organisers of LSFF concerning the rights of owners and authors and the rights related to the copyright act in connection with the use of the film during the festival in accordance with the LSFF 2019 Regulations.
3. By entering the film the applicant grants to the organiser of LSFF 2019 the authorisations stated below. If it is not stipulated in writing otherwise, he/she herein grants to the organiser of LSFF 2019 the non-exclusive licence to the utilisation of the film, or any part of the film in connection with the festival, especially its screening at the festival. At the same time the applicant herein grants within the provided licence the following authorisations:
to provide the film with another language version
• to use the film or excerpts from the film for the purpose of the promotion of the film or this festival
• to provide the film with the logo of this festival
4. Archival of entered films
• The entered films remain permanently in the archive of the Harvest Films civic association at the CULS and shall not be used for commercial purposes.
• The originals of films which have not been awarded shall be returned to the applicants only upon request.
• After the end of the festival, the entered films in versions with translated subtitles or commentary may be screened at non-commercial film showcases called the “Echoes of LSFF”.
• Selected films may be entered into the LSFF multimedia library available to CULS students and teachers.
5. The festival does not pay any screening fees for screenings during the festival programme.
6. Delivery of the signed and scanned application form to the email address implies that the applicant acts on behalf of both the owner of distribution rights and the authors of a given work and expresses their full consent with the use of the film free of charge as stated within these regulations.
7. The Czech text of these regulations is legally binding. The legal issues that may arise between the festival’s applicants, participants of the festival, its initiator and the organisation in charge of the running of the festival are subject to the Czech law.
8. Entering a film implies agreement with these regulations.

Important dates

LSFF program, 4th – 8th November, 2019
Entering films by 30th June, 2019
LSFF Award announcement 8th November, 2019
Food Film Fest 30th November, 2019