15:00 -18:00 The programme is hosted by Marek Janáč (Vesmír magazine)

To eat or not to eat? The answer is different for every age, lifestyle and genotype. Or, will geneticists cook for us one day? Prof. RNDr. František Vyskočil, DrSc.

The role of insulin in the type 1 and type 2 diabetes and how everything can be influenced by the right regimen. RNDr. Lenka Žáková, Ph.D. (UOCHB / Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Prof. MUDr. Libor Vítek, Ph.D., MBA At the moment we confront an ever growing incidence of diseases of affluence whose common denominators include bad diet, lack of exercise and too much stress. Only few people realise that it is necessary to fight these threats and start with ourselves. The modern times thankfully bring about technological ways to attain this target.

Programme highlights

LSFF_jidlojeveda_web_main The Life Sciences Film Festival will expand this year with a weekend programme. In cooperation with the National Technical Library and the Dejvice Campus, there will be a “Food, There’s Science to It” afterparty at the weekend of 16th– 18th October. Food will be discussed, the best films on food from this as well as previous LSFFs will be screened and food will be also tasted. The film festival will join the Street Food Festival which will feed you on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October.