Discussion: The most difficult task horses have been given – becoming wild again. Guests: director Jan Svatoš, Ing. Cyril Neumann (FAFNR, Hippologist), Doc. Ing. Ivan Majzlík, CSc. (FAFNR), RNDr. Evžen Kůs (Prague Zoo), Mgr. Miloslav Jirků, Ph.D.

An excursion to CULS Brandejs Farm in Prague. Meeting point in front of FAFNR.

DLforum tisk-1As part of a series of academic discussions for the general public, the talk will concentrate on food security, comprehensibility of packaging information, quality marks (KLASA etc), but also on the risks related to selling produce at the farm and support for local production. Guests at the discussion include Ing. Jindřich Fialka, head of the Food Production Department, Czech Ministry of Agriculture, Ing. Hana Střítecká Ph.D., Healthy Food association, Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defence, Roman Vaněk, Prague Culinary Institute, Jan Tuna, Stream.cz.

Programme highlights

LSFF_jidlojeveda_web_main The Life Sciences Film Festival will expand this year with a weekend programme. In cooperation with the National Technical Library and the Dejvice Campus, there will be a “Food, There’s Science to It” afterparty at the weekend of 16th– 18th October. Food will be discussed, the best films on food from this as well as previous LSFFs will be screened and food will be also tasted. The film festival will join the Street Food Festival which will feed you on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October.