Monday 12.10.

Verrückt: Chovat šneky ve Vídni? / The Snail Farmer of Vienna, 4 min / CZE, ENG | Fermentace / Ferment, 7 min / CZE, ENG | Imunologie plic / Immunology of the Lung, 5 min / CZE, ENG | RNA Interference / RNA Interference, 5 min / CZE, ENG | Imunologie sliznice trávicí soustavy / Immunology of the Gut Mucosa, 7 min / CZE, ENG | Čirok z Muddy Pond / Muddy Pond Sorghum, 10 min / CZE, ENG | Farma Sokolí hnízdo – Rampuše / Falcon Nest Farm – Rampuše, 9 min / CZE, ENG | Zemědělství 2020 / Farming 2020, 2 min / CZE, DEU | Projekt pěstování potravin / Growing Food Project, 14 min / CZE, ENG | Farma roku 2014 / Farm of the Year 2014, 6 min / CZE

Exhibition opening, an invitation to thematic days of the FES, “Farmer with no Land”. We invite you to the opening of a photo exhibition documenting the story of KPZ CooLAND: community supported agriculture. It’s not just about vegetables! It’s primarily about understanding the principles of environmental farming, the joy of good food, about Prague citizens working in the field, supporting harmonic landscape and wild parties. KPZ is all of that!

Discussion on the film: RNDr. Kateřina Hortová, Ph.D. (Head of the Reproduction Laboratory in the Biotechnology Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences ), prof. Ing. Jaroslav Petr, DrSc. (Department of Biology of Reproduction at the Institute of Animal Science and teacher at CULS), Mgr. Alexandra Schneider Hrouzková (psychologist and somatic coach)

Tuesday 13.10.

Zelený obývák / The green living Room, 7 min / CZE, ENG | Zářící tma: Hotaru v noci / Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night, 12 min / CZE, ENG  | Cesta orlosupa bradatého do Grands Causses a jeho vypuštění do volné přírody / Bearded Vulture Release in Grands Causses, 15 min / CZE, ENG  | Bylo, nebylo na stromě / Once Upon a Tree, 15 min / CZE, ENG | Minuty z Krkonoš / Minutes from Krkonose 10 min / CZE

Discussion on the film: prof.Ing. Milan Lstibůrek, MSc. PhD., Prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Opatrný, CSc. prof. Ing. Vilém Podrázský, CSc.

Ruksak na vodu Paul / Waterbackpack PAUL, 7 min / CZE, GER | Zemědělství 2020 / Farming 2020, 2 min/ CZE, GER | Fermentace /  Ferment, 7 min / CZE, ENG | Jídlo s.r.o. – Slivovice / Food Ltd., 16 min / CZE | Slovník potravinového hrdiny / Dictionary of a Food Hero, 4 min / CZE, ENG | Zelený obývák / The Green Living Room, 7min / CZE, ENG | Něžné stroje Gentle Machines, 5 min / CZE

Jan Svatoš’s lecture on travellers Osa and Martin Johnson, photos from Kenya (the lecture is in English)

Press conference for the 10th anniversary of the World Ploughing Championship

Discussion on the film: director Lisa Heenan and screenwriter Darren Doherty

Imunologie plic / Immunology of the Lung, 5 min / CZE | Cílení léčiv - metabolismus nádorových buněk / Cancer Cell Metabolism, 6 min / CZE, ENF | Imunologie pokožky / Immunology of the Skin, 7 min / CZE, ENG | RNA Interference / RNA Interference, 5 min / CZE, ENG | Imunologie sliznice trávicí soustavy / Immunology of the Gut Mucosa, 7 min / CZE, ENG | Výzkum rostlin / Plant Research, 5 min CZE / ENG | Biotechnologické klastry: Rostlinná věda v Ghentu ve Flandrech v Belgii / Green Biotech Cluster: Plant Sciences in Gent, Flanders Belgium, 7 min / CZE, ENG | Výzkum roztroušené sklerózy: Geert van Loo - 1. Díl / MS Research by Geert van Loo: Episode 1, 3 min / CZE, ENG | Výzkum roztroušené sklerózy: Geert van Loo - 2. Díl / MS research by Geert van Loo: Episode 2, 9 min / CZE, ENG |

Discussin with Marin Schlossárek (UPOL, Maendeleo). Martin Schlossárek is the head of Maendeleo, an association which supports careful and effective farming methods used by farmers in Tanzania. They are convinced that agriculture is key for maintaining biodiversity.

Discussion on the film: director Michael Schwarz and producer Edward Gray

Veterinarians without Borders – a discussion with MVDr. David Nejedlo (head of the Liberec Zoo). “Healthy livestock, healthy people” Since its foundation Czech Veterinarians without Borders took on the activities of the project for rabies prevention in pastoral communities around lake Turkana in northern Kenya. In recent years the organisation has launched several other projects related to the Kenyan project as well as other new projects in the Czech Republic.

Discussion on the day’s topic “Farmer with no land”, hosted by Vratislava Janovská. A talk about the effect agriculture has on landscape with: Tomáš Franěk (podnikatel, zaměstnanec, farmář Jagava Permafarma Veselice), Ing. Miroslav Florián, Ph.D. (ředitel sekce zemědělských vstupů MZe, Vojtěch Sýkora (bio farmář Dobrá farma Máslovice), doc. Ing. Eva Cudlínová, CSc. (vedoucí Katedry regionálního managementu Ekonomické fakulty Jihočeské univerzity)

17 images of the disappearing world in Africa and today’s life in Seoul – one of the most dynamic metropolises in Asia RNDr. Hynek Adámek (*1962) A geographer, journalist and photographer. Since 2003 an editor for the Czech version of National Geographic. Member of the Living Africa (Živá Afrika) expedition to the equatorial and west Africa in 1994. Co-author of the book with the same title from 1996, together with Jiří Hanzelka and Miroslav Zikmund. In 2000 his Time is Africa’s Gift - Ethiopia (together with Pavel Mikeš) and in 2003 he and Jakub Havel published Iceland – the Harmony of Opposites). In 2010, Czechs in the Antarctic was published.

Discussion on the film - Mgr. Adéla Obračajová (Zoolog Zoo Ostrava) Diclofenac is a huge threat to vultures in Europe. It is highly toxic for the vulture, it causes accumulation of the uric acid in the body and kidney failure. Death occurs within two days. What’s diclofenac? Where can we find it? And is there an alternative? Yes, there is.

Discussion: The most difficult task horses have been given – becoming wild again. Guests: director Jan Svatoš, Ing. Cyril Neumann (FAFNR, Hippologist), Doc. Ing. Ivan Majzlík, CSc. (FAFNR), RNDr. Evžen Kůs (Prague Zoo), Mgr. Miloslav Jirků, Ph.D.

An excursion to CULS Brandejs Farm in Prague. Meeting point in front of FAFNR.

DLforum tisk-1As part of a series of academic discussions for the general public, the talk will concentrate on food security, comprehensibility of packaging information, quality marks (KLASA etc), but also on the risks related to selling produce at the farm and support for local production. Guests at the discussion include Ing. Jindřich Fialka, head of the Food Production Department, Czech Ministry of Agriculture, Ing. Hana Střítecká Ph.D., Healthy Food association, Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defence, Roman Vaněk, Prague Culinary Institute, Jan Tuna,

Thursday 15.10.

Discussion on the film: director Jan Svatoš, prof. RNDr. Petr Koubek, CSc., Mgr. Miroslav Kutal, Ph.D. (Hnutí Duha)

Expert discussion on films on the topic of industrial pollution of the environment and the possibilities of its restoration. Guests: doc. Michael Komárek, prof. Jan Vymazal, Dr. Paul Eric Aspholm

Dr. Paul Eric Aspholm’s (Norway, Bioforsk) lecture on The sources of pollution in European polar regions and new methods of tracing their origin

Discussion: Ing. Dalibor Titěra, CSc. (Bee Research Institute) and other guests

15:00 -18:00 The programme is hosted by Marek Janáč (Vesmír magazine)

To eat or not to eat? The answer is different for every age, lifestyle and genotype. Or, will geneticists cook for us one day? Prof. RNDr. František Vyskočil, DrSc.

The role of insulin in the type 1 and type 2 diabetes and how everything can be influenced by the right regimen. RNDr. Lenka Žáková, Ph.D. (UOCHB / Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Prof. MUDr. Libor Vítek, Ph.D., MBA At the moment we confront an ever growing incidence of diseases of affluence whose common denominators include bad diet, lack of exercise and too much stress. Only few people realise that it is necessary to fight these threats and start with ourselves. The modern times thankfully bring about technological ways to attain this target.

Saturday 17.10.

Discussion on the film: director Lisa Heenan and screenwriter Darren Doherty

Programme highlights

Guests: prof. Jiří Balík, režisér a fotograf Jan Svatoš

awards 2015 official selection

LSFF 2015 Awards Ceremony  takes place 14th October 2015 at 5:55 p.m. in Klub C.

Tuesday 13.10.

15:30 Polyfaces, 92 min
17:05 Discussion on the film: director Lisa Heenan and screenwriter Darren Doherty

Tuesday 13.10.2015

15:30 Theory of everything: Marc van Montagu, 54 min / CZE, ENG
16:30 Lecture: Wim Grunewald (VIB department of Plant Systems Biology, Ghet University, Belgium)

Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Lecture Room A IV

Tuesday 13.10.2015

18:00 In Defense of Food, 116 min / CZE, ENG
Discussion on the film: director Michael Schwarz and producer Edward Gray

Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Lecture Room A IV

LSFF_jidlojeveda_web_main The Life Sciences Film Festival will expand this year with a weekend programme. In cooperation with the National Technical Library and the Dejvice Campus, there will be a “Food, There’s Science to It” afterparty at the weekend of 16th– 18th October. Food will be discussed, the best films on food from this as well as previous LSFFs will be screened and food will be also tasted. The film festival will join the Street Food Festival which will feed you on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October.